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Started by Ted Bannister to fill a need for surfers on southern Vancouver Island, HtO opened in 1980. Stocking surfboards and pool training equipment, Ted found his business growing rapidly. Soon enough he needed more space and staff.

In 1995 he sold the business to a pair of his staff, Karen and Kathy, who took the reigns and moved the shop to it’s current downtown Victoria location. HtO had taken another step forward while continuously supporting the needs of swimmers, surfers, skateboarders and spear fishermen.

In 2007 it was time to pass the torch to Noelle, a dedicated staff member of Karen and Kathy. Focusing on the stores heritage and community events Noelle was able to keep HtO engrained in peoples minds during her ownership. 

“I don’t feel like the owner, but more like the caretaker of this generation of the store. Soon it will be someone else’s time to keep it current and take it to the next level.” MICK SHEINBERG

The current owner Mick Sheinberg dates back to working for Karen and Kathy. Having worked for two previous generations of owners he eventually decided to take over. HtO has since opened a second location in Sooke, BC and now an online store.

Mick accredits his on going success to Millzy, his team of dedicated employee’s (past and present), and of course YOU!



Whether you live on the coast, you love the coast, or both, your connection to the ocean is what drives you. Spearfishing is the ultimate connection to your catch.


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