'This is Nowhere' by Jeremy Koreski

Anyone who's viewed Jeremy Koreski's photography knows little compares to British Columbia's raw, unparalleled beauty. Capturing imagery through wind and water is his forte, which is conveniently paired with his strong storytelling abilities.

Since the success of his Kickstarter campaign last year, Koreski earned the opportunity to print and display his images of the coast in his premiere photo book titled 'This is Nowhere'. As a local Vancouver Island native, he wanted to share his culture and appreciation with others, and bring positive attention to the glory of the uncut coast.

“... I want to showcase my home and demonstrate the importance of preserving it for the future."JEREMY KORESKI


The book is bound by beauty, conservancy and solemnity. Koreski chose to Hemlock Printers - a carbon-neutral company located in Burnaby, BC - to print his books on FSC-certified paper, making it a more sustainable project. Additionally, 1% of all sales will be donated to Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Central Westcoast Forest Society.

'This is Nowhere' is available at both of our locations and here or $55 + tax.

Alli Flanders
Alli Flanders


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