SIDGS: Frolf On at the Metchosin Golf Course

Big things are happening for our disc golf community here in the capital region!

South Island Disc Golf Society (SIDGS) is happy to announce that Metchosin Golf Course has been gracious enough to open the grounds to frisbee golfers. 

The course is open to play everyday after 12:30PM (except Wednesday, course available from 12:30PM - 3:00PM). The facility offers an 18-hole course and chain baskets and features affordable rates: 

  • Non-SIDGS members pay $8 for the first round, $5 for the second round
  • SIDGS members pay $5 for the first round, $3 for the second round

On April 16, SIDGS will be hosting the inaugural Spring Chicken Tournament at MGC. Two rounds of 18 holes will commence.There will be a pro, men's and women's categories. Food and beverages available. Find out more about it at

Much different from the technical treed courses out in Millstream and Durrance, the Metchosin Golf Course (MGC) allows for long distance throwing, community engagement and support with members. Participants range from casual to competitive, and the option of skills clinics will be provided in the future.

Frolf on!

Alli Flanders
Alli Flanders


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