CITY OF VICTORIA: Black Sheep in the Bike Lane

A popular counter-culture built on opposition has finally been considered legal in the mode of transport along our city streets.


With months of dedication and monotonous meetings, Jake Warren freight-trained skateboarder's rights to the City of Victoria council. Previously prohibited since 1991, the new 2016 skateboarding bylaw is now enforced. For that, we appreciate Warren's effort to support our great skateboarding community. As a skate shop, we're happy the City of Victoria is moving forward with the times. 

Put simply, skateboarders are now treated like cyclists in the mode of transportation. Skateboarders hold the same rights and duties as a driver in a vehicle (roads, streets, lanes, parking lots, highways), must comply to hand signals and exercise caution. Also, 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset skateboarders must wear:

  • a front-facing white light visible up to 150 meters ahead 
  • red reflector
  • a rear-facing red-light visible from behind

As with all new implementations, it will take time for skateboarders, drivers and cyclists to learn all of the rules. For example, drivers will need to learn how to judge skateboard movement when skateboarders are in the bike lane. Skateboarders are not as fluid as cyclists, they are slower and can't react as quickly. But with participation and support from our community as a whole, we can work together to make this worthwhile.

What's your take on the new bylaw?

Alli Flanders
Alli Flanders


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