No one likes being cussed at while waiting in the lineup. No one wants to shout at others in frustration. At all costs, avoid being a wave-stealing sea snake. Localism has risen across Juan de Fuca from absence of respect and education by all parties. 

SEA SNAKE - a project commissioned by Barracuda Surfboards - has been crafted to pay respect to the decades of surfers that came before us. It was not created to promote localism but to educateWhen admiring these boards, SEA SNAKE hopes the knowledge of our predecessors and surf breaks are passed on.

To the experienced: educate newcomers on the waves they surf.

And to the newcomers: learn about the local etiquette and ask questions about Juan de Fuca's extensive surf history.  

It's not about where you are from, how long you have surfed for or how well you surf. The goal is to build a community that respects craftsmanship, heritage, and those who established these special surf breaks that we now have access to. 

Just remember to do your part or it won't be special for much longer.

Alli Flanders
Alli Flanders


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